Terms of sale

1. Limitations of Remedy and Liability. Stella St. Clair’s liability in its dealings with the buyer, including under these Terms and Conditions, is strictly limited to the value of the sale or invoice, not to exceed  Euro 700.

2. Contingencies. Stella St. Clair shall not be liable to buyer for any loss or damage suffered by buyer directly or indirectly, as a result of Stella St. Clair’s failure to deliver or delay in delivering merchandise or failure to perform, or delay in performing under these Terms of Sale and Conditions, or under any other agreements between the buyer and Stella St. Clair, where such failure or delay is caused by fire, flood, natural disaster, labor trouble (including without limitation strike, slowdown and lockout), war, riot, civil disorder, embargo, government regulations or restrictions of any and all kinds, expropriation of plant by any state or country authority, interruption of or delay in transportation, power failure, inability to obtain materials and supplies, accident, explosion, act of God or other causes of like or different character beyond Stella St. Clair’s control (“Conditions”). The time for delivery specified shall be extended during the continuance of such Conditions, and for a reasonable time thereafter.

3. Payments. Payments are to be made in Euro currency. Prices invoiced will be those in effect at the time of shipment. 

4. Color / Image Disclaimer: Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product’s color and design, actual colors and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Stella St. Clair will not accept responsibility for any color or design differences that are not factory faults. In purchasing from Stella St. Clair, you agree to accept the small risk that there will be a slight variation between the actual color and design, and the representation on our website. In addition, please be aware that colors and textured finishes often vary between manufacturers; for example slightly different shades of ‘White’, different degrees of shininess, and different looks and feel for certain fabrics.

Any returns for a product due to customer dissatisfaction with a finish (that is not a fault) will need to comply with the Stella St. Clair's Return Policy.